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Daryl is the CEO of and CEO of RCG Events (Singapore] . He is president of the NT branch of the Australia China Business Council and sits on the national board of the Australia China Business Council. He is a brand ambassador for Shanghai listed Da Zhi Hui - DZNextview. He is a Northern Territory Business Events ambassador. He brings years of considerable experience of working with and in China with offices in Beijing, Singapore and Darwin.  Five of his books are available in Chinese translation.


He provides China consultancy support to the Australian Northern Territory government, and to several Government departments. He was lead consultant to the NT Government delegation to the Shanghai  Expo and with several other NT Government delegations. RCG Events has organised many conference events in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Guangzhou.  





"Daryl is a gifted public presenter who leads interesting workshops that add significant value for those who are working in China.  He is also a pleasure to work with."

 John Carroll, Principal, John Carroll Consulting


"Daryl Guppy has a unique understanding of China culture and business. He is exceptionally well read and able to apply this knowledge along with keen observation and analysis to develop business solutions in China. His support and assistance have been a large contributor to our successful business expansion in China. He is an excellent speaker and conducts particularly useful workshops."


Stephen Lai, CEO, NextView, Singapore




Although these appear focussed on Western companies engaging with China, these workshops have also been delivered to Singaporean  Chinese companies seeking expansion in China.  China is a complex environment, and challenging for   outsiders of all descriptions  who work in or with Chinese companies and business. Our courses are designed to help you overcome these initial difficulties  so you can concentrate on your core business. Our team includes access to people with proven China experience.











A half day workshop designed to make the most effective use of translators and interpreters  so your message is clearly and accurately delivered. Essential for Government delegations, business discussions, and speech makers. Workshop includes Chinese translator for hands on application of learning.

Workshop covers:

l         Background to working effectively with interpreters in public speeches and in formal and informal meetings. Daryl Guppy will present this section of the workshop and use this as the basis for the practical sections of the workshop.

l         Hands on training practice for all participants with mainland Chinese interpreters using consecutive translation. You speak, they translate, you speak, they translate. All participants will be expected to deliver a   pre-prepared short 3-5 minute speech such as they would deliver if they were in China.  This experience also applies to working with Chinese delegations who are visiting Australia.  Includes feedback assessment from interpreters on participants performance  

l         Hands on experience of working with simultaneous translation. Some people find it impossible to work in this situation. It’s best to find out before you are involved in a critical meeting with simultaneous translation.  Includes feedback assessment from interpreters on participants’ performance  

l         Hand on training practice in a meeting situation with English to Chinese translators so people understand the flow and difficulty in this type of situation. All participants involved.  Includes feedback assessment from interpreters on participants’ performance  

l         Each segment includes summary of best practice, areas needing attention, methods for improvement. Includes feedback from interpreters. Depending on time, workshop will also touch on handling Chinese media interviews, press and TV, when translation is involved.


Having worked with translators for years in my capacity as a journalist, making regular forays into non-English speaking countries in Asia and the Middle East, I thought I knew something about making myself understood through interpreters. But after attending Mr Guppy’s workshop, I now wonder if I was ever fully understood by any of my interviewees. “ Dennis Schultz, Journalist


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Half day luncheon event designed for mid-level business lunches. Northern Chinese expectations are very different from eating in Hong Kong and Southern China. This is an entertaining event also suitable for spouses.

After arriving in China for the first time, you are for lunch or dinner, sitting around the big round table in a separate room of a restaurant with a group of Chinese and you smile at each other, absolutely not knowing what to do and how to behave.

Do you want the answers of following questions?

  • Where you should sit if you are a guest or a host?
  • When and How you have a toast?
  • Who should start to eat?
  • What are the table manners on Chopsticks?
  • What’s different between Chinese formal banquet, a business dinner and normal meal?
  • To Eat up or not?
  • What should I say or do when Chinese slurp and sip?
  • Who should pay the bill?

People are very familiar with southern China and Hong Kong eating habits. How much do you know about Dining Etiquette in Beijing and Northern China? The structure of a meal in Beijing and Northern China is very different!

We work with your restaurant of your choice to prepare the north Chinese menu and presentation.


“The feedback received from all participants was that this event was not only entertaining but highly educational and they were able to take away ideas and concepts that will help them and their business growth in China.” Lisa O’Donoghue


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Half day introduction workshop for business beginning their engagement with Chinese business investors. The objective is to help identify situations you will encounter and equip you with recognition and strategies to make the best of them. The way you implement you strategy will in a significant part, determine its success. 

There are the four areas that provide the most significant barriers to success. How much you get right defines the difference between co-operation, competition or conquest.

This workshop covers:

l         Building strategic relationships

l         Barriers to strategic relationships

l         Essential background to Chinese thinking and business thinking

l         What to expect in strategic meetings

l         Expectations from the Chinese side

l         The common areas of potential confusion and misunderstanding


"I first worked with Daryl Guppy in 2007 when I was Chief Executive of the Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Mines as we embarked on a program to attract Chinese interest and investment to the Northern Territory.  Daryl’s extensive business experience in China and deep personal interest in all the facets that make up doing business there were invaluable in assisting us to develop our program.  Of particular value was Daryl’s ability to build on his knowledge of Australian business practice and teach us the skills necessary to produce results in China.  The ultimate success of the program was significantly assisted by Daryl’s input."

John Carroll, Principal, John Carroll Consulting


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China is a challenge like no other country and the consequences of making mistakes tend to be more serious and long lasting than with other countries in Asia. This skills workshop is for CEOs, executives and management teams wanting to work with China investors.

Areas covered include:

  • China myth busting - what you think you know about China is often wrong at a basic level

  • Current China outbound investment landscape

  • Essential business differences - These are the decision making and governance issues that can create confusion

  • Face - essential for developing any deal. When the bi-lateral atmosphere is correct then the business really develops. Understand where you fit into this complex business/government mix

  • Guanxi - oxygen of China. Without this you cannot do business. Learn what it means and how it can be developed.

  • Translation issues - your survival depends on someone else and how clearly you express yourself. Learn steps for making sure the translation says what you really mean

  • Deal Strategy applied to Government and business delegations, ministers and support staff. Learn to recognise, avoid or use selected strategies

  • Corruption. A range of examples designed to test your perceptions.

  • Mao-tai survival strategies - make sure you are the one left standing

" Thank you so much for your presentation through to John and myself. Both of us were particularly impressed by your insights into the trickier aspects of Westerner-Chinese dealings. I will certainly recommend your services to fellow business people who are engaged with the Chinese."
Philip R Wood
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
Compass Resources Limited


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2 – 3 hour seminar workshop examining   barriers to developing export markets in  China. Examines some of the operational issues around doing business in China. Also examines issues related to developing advertising and effective marketing strategies in China. Previous  clients include graduate classes in export market courses at CDU University, and   the International Business Council.


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These are customised  workshops/seminars events  built around client needs. These have included aspects of cross cultural training for managers moving into China, or managers working with Chinese counterparts in China  or Australia.  This includes strategic briefings at board level.

Please ask for details.


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Guppy is a well known and respected China market commentator on CNBCAsia Squawk Box, and also in Shanghai Security News, China Daily and TheEdge Singapore.  He is a regular speaker at events including the Global Investors Forum in Singapore with Dr Nouriel Roubini, The Master Investors Forum in Beijing and the Chinese commodity segment of the AGES Australian resources conference. His knowledge and analysis of China markets is well developed and used by fund managers and resource companies. Guppy is available as a speaker for business and financial market conferences.


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